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Mike Crowley

Principal Investigator

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Dr. Crowley, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist whose work focuses on key questions in developmental social and affective neuroscience. Dr. Crowley earned his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park, where his training focused on child internalizing and externalizing disorders. He completed a child-focused clinical internship through the Brown University Clinical Psychology Training Consortium. Dr. Crowley’s post-doctoral fellowship occurred though the Yale Child Study Center Training Program in Child Neuropsychiatric Disorders.


Clinically, Dr. Crowley is interested in child and adolescent anxiety. He conducts studies examining the effectiveness of mindfulness training on childhood anxiety. Dr. Crowley’s work in child anxiety focuses on the neural substrates of avoidance, risk avoidance, threat detection and worry and the application of mindfulness to treat anxiety. Dr. Crowley directs the Courage Lab, the Developmental Electrophysiology Laboratory, and the Research Training Program in Childhood Neuropsychiatric Disorders (postdoctoral T32). His previous and current work occurs though support from the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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